San Antonio Spurs set new franchise record for most wins in a row

Playing basketball is fun during leisure time with your friends or with your family. Especially if you have a new basketball backboard. It is a good form of exercise and if you have overweight problem, play this game as often as you can and you will lose some pounds. It is also good for youngsters to keep them away from drugs and other vices. You can play it even with a friend on a one-on-one basis or by team. For those students who want to get noticed can start by joining basketball team in your academy just like those who join the big 5 and make it to the top.

The good thing about basketball is that you don’t need a very big place such as stadium. You can to set it up easily even at your own backyard or lawn as long as you have a basketball backboard and rim. If you want to set a basketball court using a standard basket backboard, the usual basketball backboard measurement is 6 feet wide and 3 ½ feet high and the rim is 18 inches in diameter. The inner square measurement is 2 feet wide and 5 feet high. The distance of the rim from the ground is 10 feet. If you are not sure of the mentioned basketball backboard dimensions, you can ask any sports authority for you to know.

The official basketball backboard is made up of a fiber glass or temper glass just like the one you see in professional basketball games. Some basketball backboards are made of woods just like what you see in the streets and in the houses. These wooden backboards don’t stay long because wood cannot stand for a long time under the heat of the sun and the rain. It can wear out easily so if you want a basketball backboard, it can last for a very long time. Just make sure to use a high quality one like the one made of fiber glass. This kind of basketball backboard is sure a lifetime basketball backboard. It can pass from generation to generation. It also has an appealing look and very much appreciated by your loved ones above all, your children. So, rather than you use a wooden basketball backboard and rim, use fiberglass type.

For your basketball backboard replacement problem, you can look for a basketball backboard and rim among the leading department store in the sports area or you can order it online among online store. You can search for it using search engines such as Google. The commercially made basketball backboard and rim uses a standard basketball backboard dimension for basketball courts such as the one you see among sports center or arena or in your community. This kind basketball backboards and rim should be the one you should use so you will not be criticized by any sports authority figure who can see it.

Now that you know the standard basketball backboard measurements, you can now set up a standard basketball court in your area or community for your youngsters. Using a fiber glass type of basketball backboard and rim is much preferable than wooden type as this can last a lifetime. Make sure that you are also using the correct basketball backboard measurement that can pass the standards given by any sports authority to avoid getting criticized.

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